Maize Maze at Kenyon Hall Farm

Kenyon Hall Farm

At the weekend we headed to Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington for the girls to have a go at the Maize Maze challenge. This real working family farm is becoming one of our favourite places to go with the girls as they always have family friendly events on and there is such lovely people working there, which is always a bonus isn’t it. We have previously visited here and enjoyed strawberries picking aswell as pumpkin picking.


Apple picking with Nana

apple picking
Check out the apple!

A short post this week as I haven’t been on form recently (I blame back to school germs) but I wanted to record this memory for the girls.

On Sunday the girls visited their Nana Cat and enjoyed a lovely, sunny afternoon in the garden, which is a great outdoor space with a fab apple tree that the girls had been looking forward to picking.


Invite a tree to tea!

invite a tree to tea
Our tree party

Trees are truly amazing, they provide the air we breathe, food and shelter for wildlife and they are the best climbing frames for our little people. This Summer The Woodland Trust is encouraging families to host a terrific tea party with your chosen tree as the guest of honour. To get started you can sign up for a free tree party pack, which includes a guide for hosting a tea party with some great ideas from picking your perfect picnic spot to tree-mendous den building activities.


Summer fun day with friends 

At the weekend we went to the Friends of Lightoaks Park Summer Family Fun Day event, we had a lovely afternoon catching with good friends and their girls. Baby Summer and I settled down at a picnic table while the dads chatted and supervised the bigger girls…

They came back to the table now and again for a quick rest and refreshments! One of the dads brought along a bubble wand (genius idea) which the girls absolutely loved, they were trying their hardest to catch the bubbles before they popped! The afternoon flew by, with being on picnic duty I didn’t managed to get any photos in the play area but I made sure I got some snaps while we had a walk around the park.


We’re going on a leaf hunt…

Skye and Sophia like to collect “treasure” like leaves, sticks and any other natural materials they can find when we are out and about. So inspired by the leaf hunt activity from our new Woodland Trust Nature Detectives subscription pack, we headed out the woods at the weekend. We stayed local and went to our nearest woods where you can complete the Monton and Roe Green Loopline Heritage Trail. It is a long walk to complete so we took a picnic out with us and thought we would have walk as far as we could to see what we could find. The girls brought along a basket from home, ready for their “collection”.


Yarrow Valley Country Park

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors recently as the girls are at their happiest when they are off exploring and it is such a great way to spend time together as family, out in the fresh air and even better with a picnic. We went for a drive and ended up at Yarrow Valley Country Park in Chorley, by chance really but it was such a good find…

We went for a wander and soon came across a little bridge over a stream. The girls picked up sticks to throw into the water, which reminded Skye of the pooh stick game in the Stick Man story. They threw them in but I don’t think their sticks got very far, oh well never mind! We carried on walking to see what else we could find.


Summer’s 1st Birthday

Summers 1st Birthday
Birthday girl

I have been feeling a little emotional recently about our littlest lady turning one as we are pretty sure Summer is our last baby but I am also really excited to watch her grow, reach special milestones and to see more of her gorgeous personality!


Strawberry picking at Kenyon Hall Farm

Strawberry picking has been on my Summer (things to do with the kids) bucket list for a while now, the girls are strawberry mad and I knew they would love picking their own. Luckily we are not too far away from Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington; with a fruit farm and shop, a plant centre, an outdoor play area, a cafe and a picnic area too, it is perfect for a trip out with the family.